Friday, February 08, 2013

Friday Night Hoop-la

The Beatles - I'll Follow The Sun (1964, remastered)

Re-edited from Wiki & Beatles dot com:

"I'll Follow the Sun" is a melancholy ballad written and sung by Paul McCartney. The song's lyrics center around a man who feels he is unappreciated by a woman, and gives her an ultimatum. Yet predictably, that only proved the axiom of 'desperation is not an aphrodisiac,' and he feels compelled to leave in order to 'follow the sun.'

The song was released in 1964 on the 'Beatles for Sale' album in the United Kingdom, and on 'Beatles '65' in the United States, but was written long before that year: a version recorded in 1960 can be found in the bootleg record You Might As Well Call Us the Quarrymen. The song is somewhat of a cult favorite.

'Beatles For Sale' was released on 4th December, 1964 just 21 weeks after 'A Hard Day’s Night.' It was their fourth album release in less than two years.

'Beatles For Sale' had been recorded on seven days scattered between August and October when their schedule was crammed with stage performances in the UK, Canada and the US, and well as radio and television work. Given the lack of time it was not surprising that the group reverted to the 1963 formula of eight original songs and six covers.

'Beatles For Sale' did not surface as a regular album in the US until 1987. The full album can be heard here.
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