Monday, February 11, 2013

Yet Another Obligatory "Islam Cracks Down on Valentine's Day" Post

KUALA LUMPUR - (that's the capital of Malaysia, in southeast Asia):

"More than 300 volunteers between 19 to 25 years-old today joined a programme to make Muslims wary of the importance of not celebrating Valentine's Day.

Islamic Development Department (Jakim) director of Family, Social and Community Division, Saimah Mokhtar hopes parents take the ban on Valentine's Day celebration seriously as it has elements of Christianity and mixed with vices forbidden by Islam."
 And they mean business. A fatwa was issued against roses n candy n stuff.

The Saudis ban Valentine's day, too, because it's 'anti-islam,' or something.
"Shops and other outlets, such as restaurants, are officially banned from marking Valentine's Day, in which lovers traditionally exchange cards and gifts."
 I like sneaking around with you: Where to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Kuwait.
(yup. it's from 2012, but I doubt much has changed in a year)
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