Saturday, March 16, 2013

Actor Kelsey Grammer's Wind Energy Investment a Bust

"Former Frasier star Kelsey Grammer told TMZ on Tuesday that wind technology was the worst investment he’s ever made.

Grammer told the tabloid that though his finances are good, he lost hundreds of thousands of dollars on a small wind investment."
Don't feel bad, Kelsey. The American tax payers have been fleeced out of BILLIONS by Obama's bankrupt  'green' energy scams.


But why aren't all the gaia worshiping tree humpers out in Hollywood crying tears for all the birds and bats killed by windmills?
"But wind energy developers, in California and West Virginia, are being sued by environmental groups. A growing number of groups contend that hundreds of thousands of birds and bats are being killed every year by wind turbines, mostly at night when bats and migratory birds fly around mountain ridges where many wind farms are located. 

Kelly Fuller, with the American Bird Conservancy, said, “In 2009, an expert at the Fish and Wildlife Service estimated 440,000 birds were being killed by wind turbines a year. That was before we had more growth of the industry.”
And from PBS affiliate KCET: 'Wind Farms Driving Birds, Bats to Extinction.' 

I suppose a 'No Animals Were Harmed During this Production' stamp of approval for wind energy isn't important to all the left coast liberals.   

Why does Hollywood hate bats and birds?
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