Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Whale Skeletons and the Sex Strategy of Zombie Worms

Yes, really.

Deductive reasoning concludes that massive organic structures, like whale skeletons, must exist after each aquatic mammal's death, yet unlike elephant graveyards, whale skeletons are rarely seen on the ocean floor by modern humans.

Until now.

From Live Science: Antarctic's First-Ever Whale Skeleton Found
"For the first time ever, scientists say they have discovered a whale skeleton on the ocean floor near Antarctica. Resting nearly a mile below the surface, the boneyard is teeming with strange life, including at least nine new species of tiny of deep-sea creatures, according to a new study."
I'm not sure if it's simply the 1st time ever in Antarctica, or the first time ever on any ocean floor. Probably the former.

And the zombie worms? Yeah. It's got those. Click here. 
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