Saturday, August 15, 2020

Days That End in 'Y' - editorial 'toons & memes

'Walk Off the Earth' edition

5-year-old boy shot and killed by a neighbor; "My baby didn't deserve this!"; Cannon’s two sisters witnessed gruesome murder of their brother in his own driveway, in broad daylight.

August 2020: Riders gather in South Dakota for 80th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 

Bronson Stocking @ provides proper context with The Media's Coverage of Sturgis Rally Seems Different Than Recent Large Gatherings:

"The mainstream media and even medical officials have decided that the best way to avoid  contracting the Wuhan coronavirus is to participate in left-wing protests. Crossing back  and forth over the border between Mexico and the United States is seemingly another  harmless exercise. But when a large gathering doesn't fit into the media's list of  liberal-approved activities, the press castigates participants for venturing outside  during the pandemic.

As expected, all the usual suspects are running hit pieces about the rally being a  superspreader event. The double standard at this point must be apparent to even the most  casual of media consumers."
Unlike the 3rd world sh!tholes of Portland, Seattle, etc., no burnings, lootings, murders,  or other vile anarchist mayhem has been reported this year from Sturgis.

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Obey settled science.

Beirut Explosion Death Toll Skyrockets As Thousands Injured, 300,000+ Left Homeless

From SpeckieGrrl: "Hey, luv your stuff, n OG pinups r cool n all, but how about something dainty n dangerous n moderna for girl inspiration? Thanxxxxxxx!"

Girl inspiration? You're welcome, Speckie. Not that I'm old, or anything...

Neon Witches

The End

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