Thursday, August 07, 2008

Let's play "Name That Party!"

Detroit Mayor Jailed For Violating Bond.

The DFP specifically states other key player's political affiliations, but not the Mayor's.

Nope. The WAPO doesn't even mention the Detroit Mayor's political affiliation.

Neither does the taxpayer supported NPR. can I get my money back??

That fair & balanced bastion of journalistic integrity, The NYTimes, doesn't say a word about the Detroit Mayor's political affiliation, either.

And, by golly, CNN forgot all about the Detroit Mayor's political affiliation, too! I guess all those 'international readers' have such mundane things memorized.

But, it's easy to understand. These professional news boys collude all the time to leave off a rethuglican's political affiliation.

Ooops. Wait a minute. Call the press club.

Lookey here! Reuters says in the first sentence of the second paragraph that, "Kwame Kilpatrick, once seen as a rising star in the Democratic Party,....".

See how easy it is to play "Name That Party"??

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