Monday, August 11, 2008

Russia & Iran are friends

No surprise there.

Iran hates the U.S. of A.

No surprise there.

The U.S. of A. and the Georgia Republic are allies. Georgia even has troops in Iraq as part of the coalition liberation force.

Russia resents Georgia's independence from its former Soviet master.

This is a long simmering conflict between Georgia & Russia. I'm sure Russia needed very little provocation to launch this attack to grab at least some former satellite land back into Putin's Medvedev's grip.

But, consider this. Is this attack an Iranian proxy fight against a U.S. ally for its assistance in Iraq delivered by Russia who would benefit as well in an attempt to further stretch U.S. resources closer to a breaking point?

Or is all that a stretch in itself?

These two articles do not expressly address that concern, but touch on some similar points about sustaining U.S. might abroad in a very volatile world.

In Georgia clash, a lesson on U.S. need for Russia.

Untimely war raises infinite dangers.

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