Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Ignorance of Obama Voters

Who campaigned in 57 states? Who kicked off all opponents in his first election? Which party controls Congress? Who is Nancy Pelosi? Who is Barney Frank? Who is Harry Reid? Are these people democrat or republican? Who said his policies will bankrupt the coal industry? Which candidate quit an election for plagiarism? Who is Bill Ayers?

Uh. Um. I don't know... republicans or McCain??

Granted, twelve people do not make a scientific poll, and McCain voters may be slates just as blank, but this random sampling of those willing to go on camera demonstrates a shocking level of ignorance about current political events - unless it was about Sarah Palin's clothes.

Don't tell me news coverage doesn't matter.

There you have it; democracy in action.

So, what about a scientific poll? This Zogby poll makes the video even more frightening.

Welcome to the Obama Nation.


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