Sunday, December 14, 2008

A False Religion & Its Prophet

Worshipping the Weather.

"Just as faithful Catholics intone, "The body of Christ" when they partake of the Eucharist; devoted environmentalists chant, "We are saving Mother Earth" as they separate paper from plastic.

This church of the earth has a catechism for its young members. (Warning: the site for children that I have linked to in that last sentence is spooky.) The church has the green equivalent of tithing. (There are only three links in that last sentence. There are dozens of different green congregations that will gladly take their parishioners' money.)

The church even has indulgences. The worshippers call them "carbon credits." And when the indulgences are paid the believers' multiple sins against mother earth (exhaling is one of them) are forgiven. The followers have purchased the right to believe that they are not only saving the planet ... they are creating heaven on earth.

While the media and the left see environmentalism as hip, trendy, and "scientific," the religious aspect of the environmental movement is nothing but really real "old time religion." Jews and Christians call it "paganism."
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