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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Days That End in 'Y' - editorial 'toons & memes

'The Left Declares War Against the USA' edition

The statues strike back (which is a h3ll of a lot more than can be said about gutless politicians).

The History of Aunt Jemima

Aunt Jemima pancake mix debuted in 1889, the first ready-mix, and became one of the  most recognized brands in US history. In 1890, a former slave named Nancy Green was  hired to be the spokesperson for Aunt Jemima brand food products. People loved  Green's warm personality and friendly demeanor, not to mention her cooking. Green  received a lifetime contract to serve as spokesperson.  She was a living legend of  the brand until she died in a car accident in September 1923.

After Green’s passing, Lillian Richard was hired to portray Aunt Jemima in 1925,  and remained in the role for 23 years. She died in 1956, and was honored with a  Texas Historical Marker in her hometown, dedicated in her name on June 30, 2012.

Over the following decades, the role of Aunt Jemima was portrayed Anna Robinson,  and blues singer Edith Wilson, who was the first Aunt Jemima to appear in  television commercials. After Wilson there was Ethel Ernestine Harper, a former  school teacher and actress. The fourth Aunt Jemima was Rosie Hall.

Family of woman who portrayed Aunt Jemima opposes move to change brand
"Harris said her family feels that activism has gone too far.

“I wish we would take a breath and not just get rid of everything. because good or  bad, it is our history. Removing that wipes away a part of me. A part of each of  us. We are proud of our cousin,” Harris said."
Leftists respond, "Effe you." The only black lives which matter to Leftists are  politically expedient black lives.

Eskimo Pies to drop ‘derogatory’ name over racial insensitivity
Because everything is stupid.

 (leave anyone out? yes, the native american indian)

I'll gladly buy this dude a drink.

I'll gladly buy this woman a drink.

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