Monday, March 30, 2009

Obama's European Vacation: Table for 500+

Pres. Obama travels to London on Air Force One for the G20 Summit this Tuesday with an entourage of 500, an armour-plated limousine, a fleet of decoy helicopters, full kitchen staff, six personal physicians, and 200 secret service agents.

Pres. Obama's predecessor traveled heavy, too, with a decoy AF1 and a decoy motorcade of 20 armored vehicles. My guess is that Pres. Obama's security arrangements will be similar.

Not bad for guy who made the whole world love us again.

What won't be similar is the lefty soiled nappy outrage against this profusion of necessary precautions for a sitting president.

Also dissimilar will be the bucolic myrmidon silence that surely would have engendered raucous howls to 'impeach da chimp!' against the hated Boooshitler: Back room closed door meetings with many of the G20 heavy hitters.

"Indeed, despite all the heat and fury over this week's G20, the most important work might actually emerge from the meetings that Obama and his team have scheduled on the side, far away from the debate over the economic crisis. In effect, if the G20 were a party with a guest list, then Obama's series of mini-summits would be a VIP room; open only to a select few powerful players and conducted firmly behind closed doors."

The silence will be deafening from our conspicuously un-curious American media.
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