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Saturday, August 01, 2020

Days That End in 'Y' - editorial 'toons & memes

'Gun control is hitting your target' edition

Racy Pulp Fiction Covers

Perhaps it was a simpler age, or rather, it was more publicly repressed. Back before Hugh Hefner and Playboy mainstreamed softcore porn masquerading as sophisticated male entertainment - which one only read for the articles *wink *nudge - there was an entire industry of cheap pulp magazines and novels cranked out weekly to an eager fandom.

Before Hefner, most men and boys knew where the off-the-beaten path magazine rack run by a guy named Ernie was located. He kept the good stuff under the counter. Or sometimes was delivered to your home by the postman in a plain, brown paper wrapper. A quick peruse confirms that half-naked femme fatales, murderous clowns, creepy skeletons, bondage babes, and the only rod destined for the girl was a gun, were popular themes.

The salacious pulp fiction story was as good as it got for desperate horndogs seeking to sate their fabricated fantasies about females while skirting the letter of obscenity laws in order to avoid postal inspectors. Compared to the 21st century's digital debauchery and malice available 24/7 on a globally-connected device that can fit into your pants pocket, I guess it was a simpler age, although still, since the beginning of time, horndog.

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