Wednesday, April 29, 2009

'Worst Bailout in the World' Petition

The target, of course, is the histrionic hypocrite, Herr Ubermann, who just received a HUGE pay raise from his employer, for his garrulous, far left, talking head screed.

Herr Ubermann's shameless, pro-obama employer is MSNBC.

That network is owned by General Electric. Share holders, at a recent share holders meeting, cheered as G.E.'s CEO, Jeff Immelt, got ripped a new one for MSNBC's essence of blatant, far left, agitprop.

G.E. recently received a $126 Billion bailout from Obama's lapdoggie congress. But there is no media bias...

Yet, unlike the free speech suppressing, FOX news hating & talk radio bashing, far left totalitarians, I won't call for MSNBC to be regulated into silence. MSNBC's in-the-toilet ratings are enough of a laughable albatross, already.

Nope. Speak truth to power - G.E.'s board, stock holders, and the histrionic hypocrite, Herr Ubermann, hisself. Sign the 'Worst Bailout in the World' Petition and tell Herr Ubermann to return his ill gotten bailout booty.

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