Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How’s the Dithering Going?

During the early months of the American civil war, President Lincoln had to contend with the ineffectual (and some say traitorous) General George McClellan. No matter how much men and material Lincoln supplied, McClellan simply would not engage the armies of the South.

McClellan was eventually relieved of command.

That was once upon a time. Now that it's twice upon a time, the opposite is true.

As the war in Afghanistan rages, and American casualties mount, it's been over two months since Gen. Stanley McChrystal requested an additional 40,000 troops from his commander-in-chief, only to hear in reply, "The check is in the mail." It seems our own modern day 'Lincoln' has proved himself to be timid, undecisive and impotent.

Today we hear, once again, that Obama is 'close' to Afghan decision:

"President Barack Obama says he is "very close" to deciding whether to send more troops to Afghanistan and will announce his decision within "several weeks".

Mr Obama also told CNN in China his new strategy would emphasise an "endgame".

I always thought the 'end game' was victory?

CBS: Obama ‘Outraged’ Over Leaks About Afghanistan Indecision.

Obviously, Pres. Obama has more important things to deal with first.

Meanwhile, his poll numbers continue their rapid race to the bottom.

While in China, Mr. President, I suggest you look up some wisdom. Confucius say "Sh*t or get off pot."

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