Monday, December 07, 2009

Copenhagen is AGW's "Best Last Chance"

We can only hope this ponzi scheme has a short shelf life.

Unsurprisingly, the genuflecting Gaia worshipers at the AP are still Chicken Little's BFF.

"COPENHAGEN—The largest and most important U.N. climate change conference in history opened Monday, with organizers warning diplomats from 192 nations that this could be the last best chance for a deal to protect the world from calamitous global warming.

The two-week conference, the climax of two years of contentious negotiations, convened in an upbeat mood after a series of promises by rich and emerging economies to curb their greenhouse gases. Still, major issues have yet to be resolved.

At stake is a deal that aims to wean the world away from fossil fuels and other pollutants to greener sources of energy, and to transfer hundreds of billions of dollars from rich to poor countries every year over decades to help them adapt to climate change.

Scientists say without such an agreement, the Earth will face the consequences of ever-rising temperatures, leading to the extinction of plant and animal species, the flooding of coastal cities, more extreme weather events, drought and the spread of diseases.

Conference president Connie Hedegaard said the key to an agreement is finding a way to raise and channel public and private financing to poor countries for years to come to help them fight the effects of climate change.

Hedegaard — Denmark's former climate minister — said if governments miss their chance at the Copenhagen summit, a better opportunity may never come.

"This is our chance. If we miss it, it could take years before we got a new and better one. If we ever do," she said.

Negotiations have dragged on for two years, only recently showing signs of breakthroughs with new commitments from The United States, China and India to control greenhouse gas emissions."

But China and India, with two of the world's fastest growing economies and the two largest polluters on the planet, won't have their economic hands tied and will stage a walkout if forced into a corner. But the AP didn't mention that, did they?

Although, the AP made sure to mention the real purpose of this conflagration: U.N. directed extortion "to transfer hundreds of billions of dollars from rich to poor countries every year over decades."

And pay no attention to those embarrassing emails which uncovered all the nasties the warmer faithful wish to conceal. The narrative (and grant monies) must be preserved!

Ah, look at all the anxiety-ridden little children they've engaged in their scheme, too. One would think such demagoguery borders on child abuse.

BTW: despite the attention whore-atrics, the Maldives are doing just fine, thank you.

What a world. Is it any wonder fascists & despots get into power via popular support? As soon as the adults re-appear on the world stage, and clearer heads prevail, I would hope that these AGW extortionists spend a very long time behind bars.

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