Friday, March 04, 2011

Missouri Teacher Arrested in Prostitution Sting

"The southwest Missouri school district says the woman has taught in the district since 2001. She was arrested last month along with her husband and two other women."
Other teachers with legal entanglements:

Teacher pleads guilty in abuse case.

Texas teacher charged with multiple sex violations with student.

Two NY teachers sue District after dismissal over homosexual encounters in class. (tax payers must pay for district's legal fees)

Alabama Teacher Gets Prison for Molesting Student.

"A Little Rock school teacher resigns after the Little Rock School District put her on paid administrative leave when they learned she plead guilty to prostitution in 2010." The district did not fire her, she resigned!

SpEd teacher charged with heroin possession.

But good thing none of this takes place at home schools, private schools, or parochial schools, or the MSM might actually notice this horrendous pattern of child abuse. 

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