Saturday, March 05, 2011

Public Broadcasting Doesn't Need Taxpayer Subsidies

Senator Jim Demint(R) writes in the WSJ:
"Meanwhile, highly successful, brand-name public programs like Sesame Street make millions on their own. "Sesame Street," for example, made more than $211 million from toy and consumer product sales from 2003-2006. Sesame Workshop President and CEO Gary Knell received $956,513 in compensation in 2008. With earnings like that, Big Bird doesn't need the taxpayers to help him compete against the Nickleodeon cable channel's Dora the Explorer.

Taxpayer-subsidized broadcasting doesn't only make money from licensing and product sales. It also raises plenty of outside cash..."
First rate CBP programs like Sesame Street, the News Hour, Masterpiece Theatre, Front Line, American experience, et al., would all thrive in the cash rich environment of cable television.

Although NPR might not have the 2,000+ radio outlets it currently enjoys.
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