Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wichita Eagle Editorial Blog Bemoans New Kansas Voter ID Law

Their post is titled "Tough luck if you want to vote in Kansas," impying the draconians have disenfranchised any and all from the voting booth. What a bunch o crap. Kansas' new law simply states that a birth certificate is required to register and a photo ID is required to vote - provided at tax payer expense, if you're indigent.

The Wichita Eagle blog references a NY Times editorial.

To wit: “Tough luck if you don’t happen to have one (birth certificate) in your pocket when you’re at the county fair and you pass the voter registration booth,” the editorial said.”

Yup. Because generations have fought and died for the easy entitlement of random and spontaneous voter registration.

But only if one can be bothered long enough to set down their brawt and beer.

Krykee doodle.

What a bunch of sissyfied spoiled brats we’ve bred.

God save the Republic.


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