Friday, July 01, 2011

Friday Night Hoopla

Miami 2017 - Billy Joel

I'm not much for polls (except the only one that truly counts, on election day), but I found this to be particularly disturbing:

4 in 10 Americans say they think the economy is in permanent decline.
"At the same time, fewer Americans see the economy as having the potential to eventually recover, with 57 percent of those surveyed saying they think things will, in time, be better. That’s down from 68 percent in October.

As the economy continues to sputter in the eyes of many Americans, President Barack Obama’s approval rating is at 47 percent and his disapproval is at 44 percent. In May, surging in the aftermath of the killing of Osama bin Laden, Obama’s approval rating in the same poll was 57 percent and his disapproval was 37 percent."
But let's not get cocky and uncivil by calling our President a 'dick.'

I prefer 'peevish' and 'incompetent :' Obamanomics, leaving on a jet plane.
"The most newsworthy bit of President Obama’s press conference certainly had nothing to do with economics or America’s precarious fiscal position. Recall: The president’s most recent budget plan would add $9.5 trillion in cumulative new debt over the next decade. Eliminating a tax break for the purchase of corporate jets – it’s called “accelerated depreciation” and Obama has endorsed the deduction twice before to boost growth and create jobs – would save $3 billion, or 0.03 percent of that total.

Yet this is the place where the president has chosen to stand his ground, to say “Here and no further!” Obama astride the bridge Khazad Dûm. He challenged the GOP to “go talk to your constituents, the Republican constituents, and ask them, are they willing to compromise their kids’ safety so that some corporate-jet owner continues to get a tax break.”
"Some corporate-jet owner continues to get a tax break?" You mean like Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill(D)?

Oh. Wait.

Meanwhile, Main Street continues to be strangled while Nero plays pocket pool: The Jobless Summer. Why only one in four teens is employed.

And, finally, Harvard survey SAYS!, Republicans more patriotic than Democrats, and attend July 4th celebrations more often.

TK at HA asks the exit questions, "Why don’t Democrats like to celebrate the Declaration quite so much?"

My response: "Because it’s not sufficiently lascivious or mind altering enough for their taste. Although, Libs will eagerly run under its philosophical umbrella to defend those licentious pursuits. Go figure."
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