Saturday, March 17, 2012

Obama Administration: Student Insurance Plans Must Cover Contraception

 From the Daily Caller:
"The Obama administration moved forward Friday afternoon in implementing the controversial contraception rule, saying that student health insurance plans must cover preventive services.

After a month of intense debate, the administration finally put the rule in writing Friday and asked the public to comment on the proposed rule for the next 90 days. The rule would require health insurance plans to provide women with access to birth control with no cost-sharing."
Asked the public to comment? Why? To what purpose would it do to speak to those who refuse to hear? Note the wording in the first sentence, "preventive services."

Bear with me a minute. The purpose of any insurance is not to cover routine items, but guard against catastrophic loss. Name one insurance that covers routine maintenance. You can't. Car insurance doesn't cover wiper blades; Home insurance doesn't cover furnace filters; Dental insurance doesn't cover tooth paste. So why should Health insurance cover birth control?

But this is not about insurance, except superficially. This is a naked power play of coercion and a manipulation of the language in order to establish a precedent. These liberal fascists who infest this current administration have Humanism at the heart of their philosophy, where everything is relative, and your 'truth' is not my 'truth.' But their truth is superior to all. As such, these liberal fascists believe only the federal gub'mint can arbitrate and control such 'diversity'.

What's really at work here is reducing the concept of pregnancy and the miracle of birth down to the level of a malignant medical condition that requires government mandated "preventive services," via maintenance drugs to prevent or control, much like diabetes, or heart disease, or migraines.

Witness the slippery slope zealously constructed by these liberal fascists: The creation and nurturing of new life is deemed an impediment to freedom and a 'punishment' for our daughters. The destruction of the unborn has been enshrined as a 'right'. And by omission from Obama's HHS decree, the concept of these 'students' being married, in order to acquire this university provided birth control, has been relegated to irrelevance. Nowhere is the notion of personal responsibility or self-control even alluded to.

If these liberal fascists succeed in manipulating the concept of pregnancy and birth into a malignant medical condition, a precedent will be established. Abortion will then be classified as a legitimate medical procedure required (read: REQUIRED) of any and all medical facilities and practitioners - regardless of conscientious objections - and, of course, paid for by obamacare dollars forced from tax payers.

During his 2009 inauguration speech, Obama promised to 'remake America.' His mendacious 'war on women' tactic is aggressive and deliberate. It's designed to challenge who or what is in control of the most intimate aspects of our lives and increase the imperial powers of the federal govt.

Wake up, America. Wake up. The enemy is within our gates.
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