Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Mas!

I'm not sure what one does at Mas Time, but I wish you a merry whatever voodoo that you do at Mas time: observe the Solstice; cage fight Druids; worship Gaia, spend $4 million tax payer dollars in Hawaii as the country chokes, stumbles, and falls off a cliff, etc.

Of course, you'll have paid time off.

After all, it's a special time of year that's special because, well, because it's holiday season; officially recognized by the govt., so we can all have a holiday, for the season, because that's the reason for the holiday. So long as no one is offended.
Or something.

"I'll be unemployed for Mas, you can count on it;
Please have postponed foreclosure, or subsidized housing;
and food stamps, so we can subsist..."

Everybody sing!
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