Saturday, December 22, 2012

2009: Christmas Trees Banned at U.N. Climate Change Conference

Anybody seen the Grinch?
"The Danish Foreign Ministry has turned down an offer to use Nordmann fir trees as Christmas decorations inside the Bella Center here, and the English-language Copenhagen Post says it’s because Danish government officials don’t want to offend non-Christian participants in the U.N. climate change conference."

What a farce. The U.N. ostensibly claims to represent all of the world's people, including an estimated one billion Christians. Yet, during one of the most celebrated holiday's in Christendom, in a historically Christian nation, that is a major exporter of live Christmas trees to Europe & America, in a city that's abuzz with yuletide decorations, holiday festivities, and lit up like - well, like a Christmas tree - some Danish Foreign Ministry secular-crat gives offense so as not to offend.

Hmm. I wonder who these "non-Christian participants" would be at the U.N.?

But all is not lost! Thank the Lord the traditional Christmas tree in Copenhagen’s City Hall Square is off grid & peddle powered.

Krykee. It's not easy being wack-a-doodle green.

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