Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Sequester Hysterics 

The sequester is a reduction in spending increase - not an actual cut. The reduction will be $85 billion from an annual budget of $3.6 TRILLION this year. That's a 2% reduction. 

"That won’t eviscerate anything. It won’t stop emergency responders from saving victims of disasters, won’t shut down the border patrol, won’t mean longer delays at airports without security or air traffic control, won’t lay off FBI agents, won’t stop criminal prosecutions, won’t terminate thousands of teachers, won’t leave hundreds of thousands of Americans without health care, won’t “add hundreds of thousands of Americans to the unemployment rolls.”

All that is paid for with just 2% of federal spending?"

Obama: We must avoid these dangerous spending cuts that I signed into law.

Lie. Campaign. Vacation. Repeat.  I'm getting bored with this insane neo-bolshevik clown show.

 Fastest Run-up since 2005: Gasoline Prices Jump 45 cents in 31 Days.
"The price increases have been a rude reminder that even though the United States’ reliance on imported oil is less than it has been in nearly two decades, prices at service stations are still tied to global prices and subject to global market trends, as well as to regional refinery constraints."

 But the Left assures us there is no voter fraud: Ohio Poll Worker Voted For Obama...6 Times?
"It appears she not only attempted to vote more than once, but was actually successful at it and having those additional votes counted," Ohio Secretary of State John Husted, who is in charge of the state's elections, told Fox News. "She appears to have used her position as a poll worker to cover her tracks."

An Obama Pipeline to ANWR?(VIDEO)
"A report cited by President Obama during this week’s State of the Union address as a possible basis for national energy policy also calls for increased offshore drilling and oil production in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)—two policies the administration has opposed."
So where's all the greenie tree humper hysteria?

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