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Monday, April 20, 2009

Language Wars: The Truth Behind Obama’s Social Construction of Reality

"If there is no absolute truth and knowledge about reality is socially constructed by our ethnic, religious and political groups, then the attempt to appeal to a universal ethic is imperialist oppression of one culture over another. Society cannot be ruled by an agreed upon transcendent authority or criteria because there is none. In short, Left Wing radical theory, and by extension the Obama administration is the demonic stepchild of Nietzsche’s “will to power.” There is no truth, just people seeking to impose their wills upon others. This is why liberals, and other left wing radicals are the juvenile kings and queens of protest and out-shouting their adversaries. This is why you hear liberals reduce culture to “power relations.” This is why they have pursued the control of education, the media, law and government. Because they believe in the will to power as the ultimate truth. This is why they are so effective at creating slogans like “Proposition Hate,” and “Bush lied, people died.” Because they believe in the power of language to shape knowledge. Whoever controls the instruments and institutions of knowledge controls “reality.” If you change the language, you change reality to be what you want it to be rather than what your opponent thinks it is.

And therein lies the dirty little secret of Leftist political theory: They engage in the very same imposition of power over those whom they accuse of imposing power over others. They are modern fascists, who in fact worship power as deity. It is no coincidence, as Jonah Goldberg has proven in his book, Liberal Fascism, that the Left has a history of a fascistic abuse of power, and as Gene Veith has pointed out in Modern Fascism, postmodernism asserts the same doctrines and philosophy as does fascism. It is no coincidence that the rise of the Obama Left brings with it the Fairness Doctrine (Which hereafter all conservatives need to continually call, The Fascist Doctrine). After all, fascism is a worldview of the will to power. When you negate transcendent absolutes like the Law of God or natural law, you are left with power as the only ultimate, and the State becomes the transcendent absolute or the deity of society. And that is why the State must get busy circumscribing every aspect of society, because the deity is always the absolute sovereign of every aspect of life. Socialism is a religion of creation and salvation through the State. Like God in Genesis who creates through his mere pronouncement of words “Let there be…” and separates his creation from chaos, so the Obama administration seeks to create reality through its mere pronouncement of words to separate Islamism from its chaotic essence of terrorism. Talk about a Satanic inversion of truth. Obama is lying, people are dying."

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