Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Man Recants Claim He was Kidnapped, Beaten by Church for Homosexual 'Conversion Therapy'

The man is 22 y.o. Michael Lowry, and claimed he was the victim of a 'hate crime' (as opposed to a 'really kinda like you' crime?). For some queer reason, lil Michael even lied about being a sodomite.


From the Wisconsin Gazette:
"In a prior interview with AP, Lowry had said he fled after the church confined him to a locked building on church grounds because he was gay. He also had claimed that from August 2011 to November 2011 he was taken to the building and beaten and abused, part of his "ex-gay" treatment.

Rutherfordton County Sheriff’s Detective Sergeant Jamie Keever said he has met with Lowry and the investigation is continuing. Lowry could face charges associated with filing a false report.

The district attorney presented the case to a grand jury, but it’s unclear what will happen next."
Uh, ok. But where does the church go to get back its good name?

In recent years, homosexual 'conversion therapy' has been a controversial topic for sodomites and the PC crowd.

 In New Jersey, conversion therapy, aimed at stopping a homosexual person's same-sex lust, is now at the center of a lawsuit. An anti-religious hate group called Southern Poverty Law Center has filed a consumer fraud lawsuit against 'Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing' (JONAH).

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages as well as revocation of JONAH’s business license and an order to stop its employees and associates from continuing reparative therapy practices.

Also, in September 2012, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a measure prohibiting mental health professionals from engaging in homosexual conversion therapy with patients younger than 18.

Apparently, expectations for the govt. to stay out of confidential doctor / patient confabs only applies to women who wish to kill their unborn baby.

But in December last year, 'An appeals court slapped an injunction on a new California state law that would ban conversion therapy for minors -- a method some say can help turn a gay person straight. The federal panel of three judges at the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Friday to block the law that would prevent young people under 18 from undergoing the controversial treatment.'

Because, apparently, this law's intent for the govt. to referee between parents' medical decisions about their children and doctors was deemed a bad thang by the court. This is good, and a victory for parental rights and privacy.

But if your child's school is handing out condoms for johnny's wood, or access to pr0n at the local library, or referrals for your daughter's abortion, parents ain't in the 'need to know' loop.

Go figure.

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