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Friday, April 05, 2019

Elderly Man Wearing MAGA Hat Assaulted in Starbucks by Woman who Screamed Insults

Rise of the clothing fascists continues...

He was quietly drinking coffee. She screamed 'hater' & 'nazi scum' at him. The elderly man is Jewish. The screaming woman bragged about it on social media. Her employer found out and fired her.

This assault occured in Palo Alto, Cali. and reported in Palo Alto Online, but notice how the editor buried the lede with the passive 'Political polarization sparks confrontation...'

Horsecrap. That's a total mislead. This screaming woman bullied an old man, then continued the fight online.

She is Palo Alto resident Rebecca Parker Mankey. She co-chairs the Bayshore Progressive Democrats, and works as an accountant. Or did, until yesterday. The elderly man is the victim, so his name wasn't released.

From the article: "Mankey said she was "heartbroken" that other white people didn't stand up against the man sporting a slogan that was popularized by Donald Trump during his 2016 presidential campaign. She followed him out of the store to the parking lot, where she continued to berate and swear at him.

She called the man "Nazi scum" and threatened to post pictures of him on social media, which she then did, along with her version of the incident on her Facebook page and on Twitter."

I'm "heartbroken" no one came to the aid of this elderly man against this bully.

"On Twitter, she said: "I am going to publicly shame him in town and try to get him fired and kicked out of every club he is in. I am going to go to his house march up and down carrying a sign that says he hates black people. I am going to organize protests where he works to make him feel as unsafe as he made every brown person he met today."

I, I, I. It must be difficult to carry the weight of the social justice world with only 2 hands. This is an insipid neurosis that infects many Leftists. They deem themselves the self-appointed guardians of politically correct society, and all must conform to their narrow-minded moral authority - or else.

But it all back-fired on this bully: "The postings drew criticism on right-wing and other websites, with comments coming from far away. A woman from the Midwest with the Twitter handle @RightHookUSA responded by contacting Mankey's husband's employer and the Palo Alto Police Department.

"I was extremely disturbed when I learned that an elderly man was being humiliated and harassed in public by a vicious bully," the woman, named Amy, said in an email to the Weekly. "I hope and pray that this incident leads to greater tolerance and respect among all Americans, instead of greater hatred and rage."

Despite it all, the elderly Jewish man proclaimed, "he would continue to wear his MAGA hat in public as an exercise of his freedom of speech — "until North Korea (or another totalitarian regime) takes over our government."

And he will continue to go out for his coffee."