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Sign petition to remove Judge Sullivan from bench

Sign petition to remove Judge Sullivan from bench

We the People ask Congress to act on an issue: Impeach & remove Judge Emmet G. Sullivan for obvious hyper-partisan buffoonery in the trial of Lt Gen. Michael T. Flynn.

Description: To maintain the integrity of our judicial system; not for personal vendettas.

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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Naked California Rep. Katie Hill(D) Exposes Herself

Hill & her husband (now ex) were entangled in a 'throuple' relationship with a female who worked for the congresswoman. Add to the mix a male staffer who Hill was having sexual relations, and one has to ask when does the congresswoman have time to do any work? Nude pictures of the congresswoman were also leaked online.

Did I mention Rep. Hill was a vocal anti-Kavanaugh vote, and is for impeachment of Trump?

Lloyd Billingsley at Front Page Magazine reveals why this is important:
"The Oversight Committee underboss seems unaware that her brand of “visibility” could pose a problem. As Red State’s Van Larr noted, the new staffer recruited for the “throuple” was 22, while Hill and Heslep are both in their 30s.  Hill had also been involved in a sexual relationship with male staffer Graham Kelly, now her legislative director. A congresswoman having two extramarital affairs with staffers also raises ethical issues, but there’s more. Hill also serves on the Armed Services committee and can access sensitive national security information. So with all her entanglements, Hill could be an easy target for blackmail.

As Matthew Boyle notes at Breitbart, Hill is on one of the six committees Speaker Nancy Pelosi has charged with the “impeachment inquiry” into President Trump. Pelosi has allowed Hill to remain on the committee, which “potentially puts the broader impeachment effort at risk because of compromising photographs and information about one of the leaders of the investigation being used as potential ‘Kompromat’ against the Democrat congresswoman.”
These people have no shame. In fact, they openly revel in their debauchery, and are egregious hypocrites about 'family values;' All for the sake of power.

Tell me again why Orange Man Bad?