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Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Rush Limbaugh producer ‘Bo Snerdley’ launches new PAC and MAGA.BLACK to reach black conservatives

From the Washington Times via GOPUSA:
"He is well-known on the air waves as “Bo Snerdley,” the senior producer for Rush Limbaugh’s daily talk radio show, heard by an audience of 14 million. His real name is James Golden, however — and he is now on a mission to “make Black Americans Republican again.”

With fellow black conservative Autry Pruitt, Mr. Golden has founded New Journey PAC, a political action committee which promotes conservative values among black Americans — and everyone else for that matter. The organization includes MAGA.BLACK, a new online destination for one and all, they say.

...The concept was not to build a destination solely for black conservatives or to solely promote black conservatism, but to be a destination for all conservatives. Frankly, we founded this destination out of frustration. We are fed up with the racial narratives that the left uses to paint conservatives as bigots and racists, simply because we have a different view of public policy and politics."
BizPac review adds:
"“Few Americans know the Republican Party is the Party of Lincoln, and what that means in its historical context. The Republican Party was born to fight slavery and to preserve a union of states which, combined, ushered in a fundamental shift in world power,” the PAC’s vision statement reads.

Thanks to liberal indoctrination, a startling number of Americans have an entirely backward view of both the Republican Party and its slavery-endorsing antithesis, the Democrat Party.

In his statement to BPR, Golden added that dismantling the left’s lies will also entail pushing back on the endless cacophony of false racial accusations it routinely uses to smear, demean and sometimes deplatform notable conservative figures.

“[W]e are going to stand ready to defend our conservative media figures, who also come under attack with the false racial narratives, and whose advertisers are threatened by organized leftists, intent on silencing their voices through racial intimidation,” he said."
2020 is gonna be lit.