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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Why is 'the science channel' still called the science channel?

I don't watch a lot of TV, but there are a few good productions my wife & I try to make time to watch. We both loathe 'soap operas,' 'reality shows,' 'cartoon sit-coms,' etc. And don't get me started on cops-n-lawyer dramas with their 5-per-minute civil liberties violations which make me want to go all Elvis and shoot my TV screen.

Years ago, I watched the science channel, and found it fairly educational. We still enjoy 'Engineering Catastrophes,' and 'How It's Made' because these programs actually impart interesting information, but lately we've notice a ridiculousness to other programs, like 'What on Earth,' or 'Mysteries of the Abandoned,' etc.

These seem to comprise of little more than tease it out segments to waste time, like 'How did a replica of a birthday cake baked by your grandma 40 years ago manifest itself in a crater on a recently discovered small island that researchers surmise was visited by aliens whose off-spring is this manbearpig caught eating the cake on a fuzzy video tape in 1993. Let's listen to several people with fancy letters after their names offer their wild speculation, ending with a very unsatisfying conclusion, akin to a middle school make-out party'

Next up: Why scientists believe Dracula was an alien whose super-human abilities allowed him to build a 2nd castle under the Adriatic Sea.

What on earth. Why is 'the science channel' still called the science channel?