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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Days That End in 'Y' - editorial 'toons & memes

'Our forefathers would be shooting by now' edition

Africa’s swarming threat
The worst locust outbreak in 70 years has plagued East Africa since late 2019,  spurring people to look for creative solutions. By March, the insects had already  destroyed hundreds of thousands of acres of cropland. Experts have warned more  desert locust eggs are already hatching, raising concerns the swarms will wreak  more havoc and possibly expand into West Africa.

 Locusts swarm on a tree south of Lodwar town in Turkana county, northern Kenya  Tuesday, June 23, 2020. The worst outbreak of the voracious insects in Kenya in 70  years is far from over, and their newest generation is now finding its wings for  proper flight. (AP Photo/Boris Polo)

 A farmer's son in a locust swarm near Katitika Village, Kenya.

 As coronavirus is running rampant across the world, locusts are destroying  everything in Eastern Africa. They reproduce so quickly, a swarm can grow 400-fold  in just a month.

 Swarms can swell to 70 billion insects—enough to cover New York City 1.5 times— and to decimate 300 million pounds of crops in a single day.

 People displaced by Islamic extremists at Muna camp in Maiduguri, Nigeria

 In places like Somalia, armed conflict has made it difficult to access some of  the locusts’ breeding areas to eradicated with pesticides. Last week, suspected  Boko Haram jihadis opened fire on a United Nations aid helicopter in the  northeastern Nigerian town of Damasak.

 In a report released on July 3, the FAO urged Ethiopia, India, Pakistan, Sudan,  and South Sudan to remain on high alert over the next four weeks. The agency also  asked West African nations to continue preparing for infestations after warning  earlier the swarms could cross into the region from the Sahel belt just south of  the Sahara Desert.

But don't worry, black lives matter...

This is known as 'dead man's fingers' mushroom.

Jelly ear fungus

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