Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Ignorance of Obama Voters: Reality Bites Edition

Ziegler's video is viral, and the libs are seething with recrimination at being caught in such an unflattering spotlight. Claims of bias, push-polling and racism emanate from their spittle flecked tirades. But no facts. Of course.

In response, Ziegler puts forth a righteous vindication wager: demonstrate McCain voters as slates just as blank, and Ziegler will pay for the lib's production costs. If the libs can't make that case, they will pay for Ziegler's.

I wager there will be no takers.

And did most folks miss the point of Ziegler's exercise as EM over at HA claims?

In that case, I have another question: If libs were ‘kept’ ignorant, how is that most conservatives were not?

Any takers?

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