Monday, February 23, 2009

Another Outrageous & Insulting Monkey Cartoon.

From the Washington Post! The racists have already issued a discredited doctrine of preemptive apology. But it's not good enough, WaPo!!

This cartoon is obviously a crypto-bigot, rightwing metaphor! It’s an egregious racial attack on the Democrat party (the chimp) which brutally swept away the desired, collective affections of voters (the woman) from a sadly out of shape Republican party {jilted, middle aged white dude of means (note: expensive flowers)}.

Mean spirited hate speech fascists! I demand a DOJ
investigation!! ACLU protests!!!

Oh. And a front page article at Huffypoo.

Cc: Al Sharpton

But, wait. There's more! Update:

NAACP President Julian Bond joins Sharpton's disgraceful & divisive race pimp, demagogue parade. He claims the NY Post is "Inviting the Assassination of President Obama."

By doing so, Bond makes himself out no better than the skin head morons who spew their racist cranial diarrhea.

It's disgusting that Bond would even suggest such a tragedy should befall our president, and, if the sycophant MSM actually still engaged in journalism, it would rip him a new one for even voicing the prospect.

Plus, if Bond were honest, he would ascribe such prescience, not to the Post & some published scribble, but to Obama himself and Obama's numerous comparisons to Lincoln. (and we all know his end).

Hope n Change looks a lot like you need new parts for your head.

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