Wednesday, January 23, 2013

'Fake it' Wednesday

A thinly veiled metaphor for this Kabuki theatre administration: Inaugural Singer 'Beyonce' Lip-Syncs National Anthem.

Speaking of Faking It: Orgasm (or lack thereof) shows own her face. A PhD Explains How to Fake it even Better. (huh? i've never understood the mentality behind 'faking it,' and neither does my missus.) *safe for work

Some TV show called 'Seinfeld' even confronted this deception between main characters.

Simon & Garfunkel sang 'Fakin' It,' yet as an ode about emotionally phoning it in, not sex. Oh, well.

Revealed: Why Michelle Obama rolled her eyes at John Boehner. (don't care? Fake it)


Stand up Inauguration Gal: Kelly Clarkson sang live “My Country ‘Tis of Thee”

Joe Biden 'intoxicated' by 2016 Run for President. (i thought joe the clown was always intoxicated)

You can't fix stupid: Florida Homeless Man Threatened Obama in Order to Get Arrested & Receive Medical Care. (see; obamacare is working)

I have to hurl now: Forthcoming ‘Erotic’ Novel Features Barack and Michelle Obama.

Whatever you do, don't shake this guys hand: CNN Anchor Reveals Fact He's Written a Letter to Obama Every Single Day For the Past Four Years.

Wednesday's conclusion: We truly are a species doomed for extinction.
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