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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Infighting threatens to divide Democratic Party

Uh, ok.

The Democrats once again are fighting over their presidential nominating procedures — from Florida and Michigan to superdelegates — in an escalating war that some leaders say threatens to divide the party and has prompted calls for rule changes.
And then there's Geraldine Ferraro examplifying the bigotry, hypocrisy and self destruction inherent in the democratic party philosophy. Believe it or don't, Balloon Juice got this one mostly right by noting this is not the first time G.F. has shown her disdain for colored candidates, and asked,
"Can allegedly smart people stop making racist and stupid comments? If Samantha Power had to step down for calling Hillary a monster, I think there is MORE than enough reason for Hilary to dissociate herself from Ferraro."
Sister Toldjah simply asks, "Was Gerry Ferraro right or wrong?", and has a round up of various analysis from around the blog world.

All I know is this mess dredged up the tired, old race card that most decent folks are sick of and want this country to be far away from - finally. Geraldine Ferraro's 'foot-in-mouth' focused attention on 'obamanator the star' and did nothing to highlight her preffered candidate's ideas, or advance the debate of significant issues.

And now G.F. whines, "...that critics only attack her because she’s white."

Typical democrat 'group identity' politics.