Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Is Barack Obama Incompetent?

And more broadly, do the people he picked for his administration even know what they're doing?

"The tag of incompetence is powerful precisely because it is a nondenominational rebuke, even when it yields a partisan result. It became the strongest argument against the GOP hammerlock on Washington and, over two elections, gave Democrats their turn at total control.

But already feelings of doubt are rising again. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid were never held in high regard, so doubts about their motives and abilities are not surprising.

What matters more is the growing concern about Obama and his team. The longest campaign in presidential history is being followed by a very short honeymoon.

Polls show that most people like Obama, but they increasingly don't like his policies. The vast spending hikes and plans for more are provoking the most concern, with 82% telling a Gallup survey they are worried about the deficit and 69% worried about the rapid growth of government under Obama. Most expect their own taxes will go up as a result, despite the President's promises to the contrary.

None other than Warren Buffet, an Obama supporter, has called the administration's message on the economy "muddled." Even China says it is worried about its investments in American Treasury bonds. Ouch."

More and more storm clouds seem to gather in the unicorn forest as an apparently overwhelmed White House continues to have staffing problems for key posts, issues befuddled & contradictory policy statements, dismantles years of intelligence and security measures implemented after 9-11, and even faux pas with details on foreign dignitary etiquette.

It's getting scary, and a dangerous world can smell weakness & incertitude.

But, wait. There's more! LI doesn't sugar coat it, and simply says The Wheels Are Falling Off The Obama Administration

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