Monday, April 26, 2010

Liberalism Defined

Look up "cognitive-dissonance" and you'll find this picture. Although Moe lane says it ain't so.

Sarah Palin went to the land of Nike, Granola bars and medical marijuana last week to fund raise for Oregon's half a dozen or so admitted Republicans. The far, far Lefties at the George Soros funded Huffington Post proudly chimed in about Palin's reception from the locals:
"In the old days, that could have drawn a crowd of angry demonstrators.

Students at the university were early protesters against the Vietnam War. In 1970, the ROTC building was bombed. Eugene's anarchist community sent protesters to the World Trade Organization riots in Seattle in 1999. And a cell of the Earth Liberation Front, calling itself The Family, was convicted of a string of arsons during the 1990s.

But all that has mellowed.

"Since 9/11, it seems that most of the anarchists have maintained a low profile," said Paul Neville, associate editor of The Register-Guard newspaper."
The unspoken assumption being that these violent anarchists are still there, waiting to pounce for the appropriate target? They sound almost proud.

I guess Huffy Poo over-looked the loony-toon, hate mongers captured in the photo above, and forgot to update. How convenient. Good thing it wasn't a TEA party rally hoping Pelosi chokes or our indolent media watchdogs might actually write something.

But there's no media bias.

TY DR for the graphic.

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