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Friday, May 18, 2012

Chimera Obamanation: the last word

Much has been written or said since Joel Pollak at wrote about the 1991 pamphlet which feature a young Baraka Obama as "born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii." The literary agent responsible for that copy simply said it was 'a fact checking error.' Thomas Lifson over at the American Thinker posts, "Literary agency explanation raises more questions than it answers on Obama Kenya birth assertion," yet I must disagree.

I think there's one simple answer: Obama is a chimera, re-inventing himself in his own fabulist image, then presenting that image to the whatever world he hopes to find acceptance or opportunity. In modern parlance it's called 'resume enhancement.' The 'kenyan thang' was simply an exotic canard in order to shoe horn himself into this citizen of the world blather he incorporates into his America bashing rhetoric.

Except the canard is unraveling. This nation is mired in massive national debt, intractable unemployment, bureaucratic malfeasance, choking recession, creeping inflation, punitive regulations, and the quagmire of foreign war. The citizenry is resentful, hopeless and furious at this once eloquent visionary who claimed to slow the ocean’s rise and heal the planet. Time and temperament revealed who he truly is: a feckless, tone deaf functionary addicted to other people's money, surrounded by sycophants, and enamored of failed policies, all the while whistling Cloward–Piven's greatest hits on the golf course as his wife vacations to exotic locales around the globe.

I don't call him 'Pres. Divisive' for nothing.

Update: Via the WayBack machine, Doug Ross @ Director Blue diagrams the Chimera Obamanation evolution.