Sunday, February 17, 2013

Gina Goes to the Movies: 'BEAUTIFUL CREATURES'

"The new movie "Beautiful Creatures," a teen paranormal romance, does what I never thought any movie could do. It makes the "Twilight" movies look halfway decent."

I've never heard of this movie, nor am I familiar with the series of books which spawned the movie, but Gina Dalfonzo at Break Point has read all the books and reviewed the movie. To be blunt, it's not beautiful. She proclaims, "... the books at least managed to tell a fairly entertaining story. The movie strips out most of the interest and nearly all of the coherence from that story. It's such a jumbled mess that it's depressing to see stars of the caliber of Jeremy Irons and Viola Davis wasting their time on it" (It also casts Emma Thompson as a 'Mrs. Lincoln' - the town's prominent hate monger Christian busy body).

Later in her review, Gina cuts straight to heart: "But most of the scenes dealing with religion are so over the top as to be cringeworthy."

Hollyweird. Go figure.


Apparently, this muddled movie is about the universal forces of good and evil from a new age / humanist perspective, with a healthy dose of pseudo-victorian teen angst and lust running breathless through a spooky forest, and us bible thumping rubes better listen up, and listen well!

The Miami Herald actually praises Emma Thompson's role in this movie:

"That’s high praise, considering Thompson has starred in such a variety of movies, including the Harry Potter and Nanny McPhee films.

In 'Beautiful Creatures,' Thompson does double duty as the Bible-thumping hater of all supernatural, Mrs. Lincoln, and the wickedly menacing witch Sarafine.

“The character was fun to do because it was this blend of sexy and a church lady,” she says. “That’s what sold me on doing the movie.”

How sad. How hypocritical: those 'pretty people' who claim to be so tolerant and open minded, mounted upon their high horse to rail against intolerance and hostility, are the ones most hostile and intolerant as they revel in their anti-religious bigotry.

I'm no longer surprised at the discharge from the gilded sewer pipe of hollywood, yet it's disheartening to know that an actress like Emma Thompson, who's work is normally very friendly to children, revels in such perversion and bigotry.

'Woe unto them...' Isaiah 5:20

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