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Saturday, September 07, 2019

Days That End in 'Y'

What a terrible mess Edition.

That 'Oh-Crap' moment.

BF Sees How Far He Can Take Parading Engagement Ring 
In Front Of His GF Without Her Noticing.

The PhD types call it 'commitment anxiety,' 
but this is a special case.
If you look up 'jerk' in the dictionary,
you'll see this guy's face.

One of the Best Dance Routines Ever Filmed

The performance was from the 1943 musical film, Stormy Weather (1943) featuring Cab Calloway and his orchestra performing "Jumpin Jive".

Fred Astaire said it was ‘the greatest dancing he had ever seen on film’. In a dance performance for the ages, the Nicholas Brothers, Fayard (1914–2006) and Harold (1921–2000), dazzled audiences with their acrobatic dance routine.

Not only that, but the routine was unrehearsed and what you see was the first take!

If it wasn’t for the video, I wouldn’t believe it.

All memes, photos, and cartoons courtesy of these fines sites, plus that other one.