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Sign petition to remove Judge Sullivan from bench

Sign petition to remove Judge Sullivan from bench

We the People ask Congress to act on an issue: Impeach & remove Judge Emmet G. Sullivan for obvious hyper-partisan buffoonery in the trial of Lt Gen. Michael T. Flynn.

Description: To maintain the integrity of our judicial system; not for personal vendettas.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Morning Cappuccino - best of the interwebs

POP QUIZ: Name the one government official who has not accepted a penny in salary  during the Pandemic Panic.

*May 19, 1921

President Warren Harding(R) signed into law the Emergency Quota Act which  established national quotas on immigration.

The Emergency Quota Act restricted the number of immigrants to 357,000 per year,  and also set down an immigration quota by which only 3 per cent of the total  population of any ethnic group already in the USA in 1910, could be admitted to  America after 1921.

Following the end of World War I, both Europe and the United States were  experiencing economic and social upheaval. In Europe, the destruction of the war,  the Russian Revolution, and the dissolutions of both the Austro-Hungarian and  Ottoman empires led to greater immigration to the United States; while in the  United States, an economic downturn following post-war demobilization increased  unemployment. The combination of increased immigration from Europe at the time of  higher American unemployment strengthened the anti-immigrant movement. 

The Emergency Quota Act was intended to be a temporary measure but the National  Origins Formula continued until 1965 (when the execrable Hart-Celler Act replaced  it).

On to today's quiz answer

 The beach at the Oceanfront was closed, but Virginians presented a middle finger  salute to their tyrannical governor, 'KKK' Northam(D), and crowded the beach last  Saturday.

"While the sprawling beach nearby was not at all packed, and groups were keeping  their distance, there was no lack of beach blankets, towels, tents and umbrellas  set up near the water.

Maria Parke, 45, of Virginia Beach sat near a blue tent, just steps from the ocean,  and said she felt safer on the beach than the busy boardwalk. Nobody wants to be on  top of each other, so all beachgoers were doing their part to keep their distance,  she said."
People are citizens, not subjects, and can manage their own lives quite well, Gov.  KKK. Moreover, they pay your salary.

Awesome Drone Footage — The Entire Trump Border Wall Filmed For The First Time!
"Everyone loves watching border wall construction."
Except Leftists. They hate everything.

Mike Rowe My Life – A Knight, That Works All Day…(VIDEO)

Remembering: Having the will and the financial resources isn't enough. Someone has  to know how.(VIDEO)

Let the Battle for the Tax Producers Begin
"The great Murray Rothbard cut through the fog of modern class warfare with his  observation that in a place with governments issuing edicts the citizenry breaks  down into two classes — tax producers and tax consumers.

And if you want to know which group you belong to just ask yourself two simple  questions, “Where’s the gun? And is it pointed at you?”"
I'm from the Lord Acton school of 'punch back twice as hard.'

Garbage in, garbage out
"Either they no longer teach this lesson or maybe people ignore the warning because  since then, we now accept outcomes from computer models as scientific proof."
They're not. It's 'Sciencey.' People will cling to even specious certitude in an  uncertain world.

Georgia sees a decline in Covid-19 deaths weeks after reopening, contrary to models  predicting a surge in deaths
"This in contrast to a model shared by the US Center for Disease Control and  Prevention, predicting cases and deaths will increase in the state;..."
Of course, it is. 'Sciencey' isn't reality.

Bad Habits and Bad Assumptions Begat Bad Outcomes
"History is full of examples of exceptionally professional militaries who learned  bad habits after long periods of overmatching opponents. Their effective habits of  the recent past created significant problems when faced with more competent  opponents.

A classic example was the British Army, set in its ways after decades of colonial  policing actions, marched sharply in to a meat grinder during the Boer Wars. Even  after that experience and the changes they brought, it took awhile to adjust to the  hard lessons of wrong assumptions when the world exploded a dozen years later in  1914."
'...marched sharply in to a meat grinder during the Boer Wars.'
I contend it was 60 years prior in Crimea. Good grief. What a fustercluck of  military malfeasance.

Kansas cheerleaders say they were subjected to naked hazing
"The sources also said that every time they attempted to bring the issue up with  head coach Lyndsay Marriott, spirit squad coordinator Cathy Jarzemkoski or the  athletic department that the cheerleaders were essentially shut down, and that they  “victim blamed the whole time.”
Why is Higher Edu. such a cesspit of abuse and oppression? And who pays for this abuse of ones daughter?

Kentucky Wildcats fire cheerleading coaches after hazing, nudity probe
"Head coach Jomo Thompson and assistants Ben Head, Spencer Clan and Kelsey LaCroix  were let go after a three-month probe into the program revealed they failed to  oversee off-campus events that included hazing, alcohol use and public nudity."
Why is Higher Edu. such a cesspit of abuse and debauchery? And why am I forced to  subsidize it with my tax dollars??

Another one?
Case Western Reserve Prof Arrested over Financial Ties to Chinese Government
"The FBI alleges that professor Qing Wang was providing research funded with  taxpayer money to the Chinese communist government.

According to a report by Campus Reform, Professor Qing Wang was arrested in Shaker  Heights, Ohio, on Wednesday on wire fraud charges. Wang allegedly failed to  disclose his affiliations with several Chinese universities."
Why is Higher Edu. such a cesspit of cupidity and sedition? Still and again, why am  I forced to subsidize it with my tax dollars?

Last week: University of Arkansas professor arrested for hiding ties to China

Last January: Top Harvard Professor Arrested For Lying To Feds About Involvement In  Chinese Spy Program, Prosecutors Say

Related: Citing theft, spying and propaganda, GOP lawmakers probe China’s  ‘infiltration’ of U.S. colleges

Can we all agree that Communist China is not our friend??

Flashback: UMKC professor resigns amid investigation he used students as ‘slave  labor’

Relatives Sue Academy Sports Store That Sold Ammunition Used In 3 Missouri Killings
"The lawsuit alleges a worker at Academy Sports in Springfield should have realized  the woman who bought the bullets, Nyadia Burden, intended to give them to Luiz  Perez. The 24-year-old Perez couldn’t buy ammunition because he was in the country  illegally, had no driver’s license and was facing felony charges, according to  police. The lawsuit also names Burden.

Perez is facing the death penalty in the Oct. 31, 2018, deaths of his ex-roommates,  38-year-old Steven Marler and 23-year-old Aaron “Josh” Hampton, and the wounding of  two others. Prosecutors allege he fatally shot Sabrina Starr, 21, the next day. She  had provided him with the gun he used, police said.

The lawsuit alleges that Perez, Burden and Aaron Anderson went to Academy Sports  after a Walmart worker refused to sell them bullets."
Grief makes families do stupid things; like this lawsuit. My first question is "Why  did 'a Walmart worker refused to sell them bullets?'

Missouri does not:

    *Require a license for the sale of ammunition;
    *Ensure that persons purchasing ammunition have a license or permit;
    *Require sellers of ammunition to maintain a record of the purchasers;
    *Prohibit persons who are ineligible to possess firearms under state law        
      from possessing ammunition...

Store clerks aren't mind readers, plus one can even buy ammo online with few restrictions. The woman who bought the bullets, Nyadia Burden, violated no Missouri  laws. Sabrina Starr violated the law by providing a gun to an illegal alien, but  she's dead. The alleged murderer, illegal alien Luiz Perez, violated numerous laws, but he  doesn't have deep pockets for a lawsuit. Like I said, "Grief makes families do  stupid things."

The Least Surprising News of the Week
Is anyone shocked? FBI: Shooter at Pensacola military base linked to al-Qaida.

Judge rules Oregon Governor’s stay-at-home order is ‘null and void’
"We are beginning to see some Judges rule against State COVID-19 lock-down orders.  We have seen Judges rule against the Wisconsin stay-at-home order, Massachusetts’  gun shop closures, and Kentucky’s in-person Church service ban and now we can add  Oregon to the list."
Sic Semper Tyrannis

The Supreme Court has jurisdiction over this court and can put an end to this judge  cum prosecuter.

Trump Offers Biden a Testing Kit to Get Him Out of the Basement


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