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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Student Attacked for Wearing MAGA Hat on Fourth of July

Rise of the clothing fascists continues...

"(He) was surrounded by a group of college-aged peers who verbally harassed him, pushed him, ripped a Trump pin off his shirt, and tried to swipe his MAGA hat." The University of Florida student filed a report with the Gainesville Police Department over incident.

From Jennifer Kabbany at The College Fix:
"After the incident he spoke to a police officer stationed in Midtown, the college hangout area next to campus where this took place. Weldon said the officer told him it’s not the first time a student has been harassed for wearing pro-Trump gear.

The next day, Weldon posted about his experience on Facebook. He received a lot of supportive feedback, but was also questioned about filing a police report. At first he didn’t, because he was not hurt, he said.

But then he said he thought about it some more, especially the argument that while he was a “big guy” and could handle the situation, what if the next person couldn’t?

With that, Weldon (pictured) filed a police report with the Gainesville Police Department on Sunday. He provided photos of the perpetrators and encouraged officers to obtain footage of the incident from Pita Pit cameras and trace their identities through their purchases, he said."
 IMHO, these frequent assaults by clothing fascists against Trump supporters is directly attributable to the 'educated into imbecility' academics who incite this violence by publicly declaring "as a black man living in the increasingly polarized political climate that is America, MAGA is an undeniable symbol of white supremacy and hatred toward certain nonwhite groups."

How sad for you that an 'undeniable' piece of embroidered clothing can so easily expose your own prejudice and ignorance. Perhaps this professor should have a beer summit with the country’s first Black billionaire, BET founder and longtime Democrat Robert Johnson, who praises Trump, and declares the Democratic Party 'moved too far to the left.'

I'd pay money for that.

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